Top 10 Famous Fairs In Gujarat

1.  Tarnetar Fair

Tarnetar is known for its annual fair, the Trinetreshwar Mahadev Mela, held near the Trinetreshwar Mahadev Temple. It attracts both villagers and tourists from all over the region. About 100,000 people usually attend.

Tarnetar is a village in the Surendranagar district of the state of Gujarat in India. It is situated near the city of Thangadh.

Duration :3 Days

When : August or September

Place : Tarnetar

district : Surendranagar

2.  Shamlaji Fair

The Shamraj Fair is an annual festival held in Gujarat, India. It takes place on the day of Karthiki Purnima. The fair is attended by many tribal people who have great faith in Shamraj (Bariya Bhaji). People come to this fair not only from Rajasthan but also from different parts of Gujarat.

The fair is held at the ancient shrine Shamlaji on the banks of Meshwo river in Sabarkantha district.

Duration : 3 weeks

When : November

Place : Shamlaji

District : Sabarkantha

3.  Ambaji Fair

The Ambaji Fair is held at Ambaji, Danta Taluka, Banaskantha District. He 50 km from Palanpur, Ambaji exudes the same atmosphere as the Poonam fair. Overall, however, major fairs are held here during the months of Purnima, Chaitra, Badalvo and Asho (Ashwina) in Kartik. “Fair of Bhadarvi Purnima” is a very important and large fair.

This fair at Badarvi Poonam is held for 3 consecutive days at Teras (Trayodasi), Chaudhas (Chaturdasi) and Poonam (Purnima). These days, millions of people flock to see the goddess. Many people come here on foot during this time.

Duration : 3 Days

When : Around August-September (Hindu month of Bhadrapad)

Place : Ambaji

District : Banaskantha

4.  Bhavnath Fair

During the Bhavanath Mass, Lord Bhavanath is worshiped by Maha Shivaratri at midnight. Many monks and naga sadhus from all over Gujarat come to worship Mahapuja. Almonries is also open to visitors at various locations.

Bhavnath fair is held at the Foothills of Girnar mountain in Junagadh, Gujarat on the banks of the river Suvarnarekha. Bhavnath Fair is one of the important fairs of Gujarat.

Duration : 5 Days

When : February-March

Place : Girnar Taleti

District : Junagadh

5.  Vautha Fair

The significance of this place in central Gujarat lies in the prana. His Viratnagar of Mahabharata is now in Dholka and Pandavas stayed to go to Agyatvas after his 13 years long exile.

View of the Sabarmati River from the planned bridge site near Bauta Village
There are many myths about this ancient Mahadev temple in Bhauta, where Kartik Swami, the eldest son of Lord Sankara who travels the world, comes to bathe for the holy Kartik His Purnima festival. Kartik’s charanpaduka is still worshiped in his Vautha.

Duration : 5 Days

When : November

Place : Vautha

District : Ahmedabad

6.  Chitra Vichitra Fair

The Chitra Vichitra Fair is an annual tribal fair held in northern Gujarat, India. This fair is an event for families who have lost a member in the past year to mourn the deceased, with celebrations and matchmaking. The fair attracts about 60,000 visitors, mostly tribal people from surrounding villages in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Duration : 2 Days

When : March-April

Place : Gunbhakhari 

District : Gunbhakhari 

7.  Kwant Fair

Numerous tribal people from 25 different villages, as well as Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, come to the fair in colorful costumes. Many people from other countries also come to this fair to enjoy the tribal culture. The Latwa are known as archers.

The Raswa live in dwellings made of bamboo, blades of grass, and mud in wooded areas surrounded by shrubs. These people paint pictures of pitolas on walls that are stained with mud and feces. Behind this drawing of her Pithora is the belief that by drawing these images, God resides in her home.

Duration : 1 Days

When : March

Place : Kwant

District : Chhota Udaipur

8.  Madhavpur Ghed Fair

Mainly due to the religious belief that Krishna marries Rukmini, the annual cultural festival is held for five days starting on Ram Navumi day. A colorful chariot is decorated and a Krishna figure is placed on the chariot and the procession continues through the village to celebrate the event of Krishna’s marriage. also includes merry dances.

Duration : 5 Days

When : March-April

Place : Madhavpur

District : Porbandar

9.  Dhrang Fair

The Mekandada temple and Samadhi are visited by people not only from Gujarat but also from all over Rajasthan during the fair season. Major followers of Mekan Dada include his Ahir, who considers him a god. The Kapadi community to which Sant Mekan Dada belonged is an important disciple and administers the temple complex of Mekan Dada, also known as his Akharo, and his Akhara. Mistri and Rabari are also his followers. The temple was built by an architect from the city of Mistri under the patronage of King Kutch.

Duration : 1 Days

When : –

Place : Dhrang

District : Kutch

10.  Ravechi Fair

Each year, usually in September, the Kutch Salt Flats come to life at the Raveti Fair. The festival attracted large numbers of Hindu pilgrims from different parts of the world. For those interested in Gujarati arts and culture, there are dance his performances and other entertainment shows. Art workshops and exhibitions.

Duration : 2 Days

When : September

Place : Ravechi Dham

District : Kutch

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